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Wiggle Planet: self-animated creatures

A book about plane-filling curves

A book about avatars and nonverbal communication online

Gene Pool Swimbots: food, sex, and evolution

self-animated characters and artificial life

Wiggle Planet promo video

Wiglets check each other out

Peck Peck's Garden (iOS game)

Floppy Boppin Wiglets

Peanut Boy


Jeffrey Ventrella explains Clusters

Darwin Pond (for Windows)

Gene Pool video

Wiglet Breeder video

algorithmic art

Earth Day 2017

Bubble Tree Algorithm Series

Four Clarinets


Absolut Evolution


Embodied Characters for Emergent Narrative

The Tail Wagging the Brain

Slow Programming

Intelligence is not One-Dimensional

Avatar-Centric Communication in

We are always dreaming

The Gestural Turing Test

Faux Pas of an Unattended Avatar

Big numbers are not numbers

Rotation: it's all in your head


Fractal Curves

Mandelbrot Genetics


Dragon of Eve


visual math

Math Viz

Divisor Plot

Calculating Pi using Buffon's Needle

Complex Number Squaring

Number Tree

cellular automata

Breeding Gliders

Cellular Automata on a Sphere

Boiled Life

Earth Day 2016

Gliders and Riders (evolving cellular automata)


Particle Fluid

Lecture at Stanford Media X

SkyBird Art

Gravity Tetris

Brain Maze

Evolving Structure in Liquid Music

Lungs are Trees Inside-out

Happy Birthday Ted Nelson

Puppeteering for Second Life


Melody Ball plays 'Donna Lee'

Zen page

Lecture at Centre for Digital Media


old paintings and drawings

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