River of Years
The Next Frontier

River Of Years is the new "umbrella" guild for the incubation of future artistic projects. You can also call it a stream of unconsciousness that joins my past with the future in some grandiose fashion. Who knows. Call it Bergman and his cohorts in various legions of art form.

Upcoming projects of River of Years will take us on adventures with:

1) The music of the Honeylamb Salon Ragtime Orchestra

2) Bergman & The Haywire Ensemble's next EP in the Home Suite Motel series: aptly named Volume 2.

3) Anthology of Bergman's 150-song catalog in a CD set

...all this and 14 more on nearby and remote burners!

River of Years is just that: a meandering but devoted and steady pilgrimage of the idiosyncratic artist.

Music About the Artist (c) copyright 2014, Bergman Broom