here's the German translation of an older version of the poem (by Psychominik)


I came to the conclusion the other day
That our machines have something to say
Our cars, our phones, our computer screens,
Our ovens and our bank machines

They're learning how to speak to us
Yes, times are changing and so they must
How could we ever get along
If they didn't tell us when something's wrong?

"Your seatbelt's off"
"Don't forget your card"
"Don't click me there"
"Don't press too hard"

But the builders of these technologies
Have yet to give them personalities
I think our machines might benifit, you see,
By having a bigger vocabulary!

There's another gripe I need to share
A concern for which you may not care
There's pollution in my neighborhood
I'd love to end it if I could

You hear that incessant beep beep beep?
It woke me from my morning sleep
Six blocks east on Main and First
A van just went into reverse

The device which generates this din
was built to reach the ears within
a ten block radius of this city
that all may know the van's velocity

Folks living in a future world
May wince and twitch at what they once heard
Recalling the voice of our technology
This low-resolution cacaphony